Yearly Dues:
You have to pay $10 for the year to be in the club. This goes to t-shirts for the club and for prizes. It also pays for anything else we may need in the weight room that year. Belts, chalk, dumbells, bars, fans, stereo, etc.

This Years Motto:
To be voted on in November!

Base Program:
Our base program is: The BFS Beat The Computer Program
-This program will print weekly programs for the individual based on their own numbers and sport or non-sport activities.
-Programs can range from in-season 2 day a week programs to out of season 4 day a week programs.
-We can cater to the needs of the student and build a program from where they are in their strength journey.

All are welcome, LETS GET AFTER IT!!!

Strength Club: Mission, Purpose, Objectives, Goals, & Rules: